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Health Insurance for Those Over 50

As we age, we come in contact with the health care system at an increased frequency. Naturally, this means higher costs for us, and for our insurance company. Of course, Medicare covers some of this cost increase, but not all, and not for all the services that we might want for ourselves, or for aging family members.

This guide:

  Introduces important and unique differences in the health care coverage for those over 50

  Describes Medicare Supplemental Insurance (Medigap)

  Explains how long term care insurance works

Learn the costs of health care coverage for the "mature" years

If you or someone you love is nearing retirement age, eHealthInsurance can give you information on what private individual health insurance can do for you.

You can also get free quotes on Medigap Coverage that supplements Medicare, as well as long term care insurance quotes to learn how much it will cost to ensure maximum comfort and financial stability in the future.

Retirement usually means an increase in medical expenses

It is probably impossible to enitrely avoid increased medical bills as we get older. Medicare only covers some of these increases, and it does not pay at all for things that may turn out to be crucial, such as long term care.

Why do we say "for those over 50?"

Because it is never too early to start thinking about things like Medicare coverage - which may or may not be there in the future - and also because long term care insurance is much, much cheaper when purchased at an early age. So even if you don't need it now, you'll save over the long run if you buy it now.

In this brief guide we'll examine insurance products that are designed to cover the costs that Medicare does not pay for, as well as examine a few other financial decisions related to ageing:

Our Medicare Supplemental Insurance page explains how this coverage works, and how it can benefit both you and your family.

You can Compare Medicare Supplements with our Medigap chart, which will help you determine what type of supplemental coverage you may want and need.

Our guide to Long Term Care Insurance explains how this important coverage works, and makes getting quotes from competing insurers a snap.

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