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Online Health Insurance Quotes

Health care isn't cheap, and the quality of health care can vary a lot, so it's very important to shop around for the policy that best addresses all your needs. Comparing health insurance quotes online is the easiest and most efficient way to do it.

The search for the best coverage at the lowest price starts with comparing as many plans as possible from providers in your area.

Visit eHealthInsurance or use their fast and free comparison service to get quotes from major insurers in your state:

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Comparing health insurance quotes and policies

Choosing a health insurance policy is a balancing act. You'll need to consider the plan's coverage, cost, type of policy and company reputation before you make an informed decision.

Applying for health insurance quotes online is the fastest possible method of securing a policy, because it allows you to compare policy details in minutes, get fast online (or over-the-phone) advice, and even commit to your policy immediately for fast insurance underwriting!

The best way to go into the process is by educating yourself before you shop. That way you won't be adrift in a sea of unintelligible health care jargon, wasting time figuring out concepts that insurance companies never seem to explain.

But even if you're not sure exactly about what type of coverage you want or need, a good online quotes service can help you out.

Here's the inside scoop on two excellent and very diferent services :

Instant online health insurance quotes

eHealthInsurance is the web's largest provider of online health insurance quotes. By representing dozens of insurers, they let you compare policies side-by-side, get fast help from licensed, non-commissioned insurance agents, and most often let you complete the entire process online.

Remember that no health insurance quotes are final until the application process is fully complete. (Understand, you are not commited to buy until you write your first premium check.)

Read more about eHealthInsurance and their health insurance providers, or try their fast and totally free service now.

Personal health insurance quotes and help

For online access to off-line (telephone, in-person, through the mail) health insurance quotes, try NetQuote. By representing reputable independent health insurance agents across the country, they're excellent at finding health insurance quotes for everyone, even the hard-to-insure among us.

Their online application is fast and easy, and they start searching insurers who want your business within minutes.

Either read more about health insurance quotes with NetQuote, or, if you like, get a quote now.

More information on the application process

Online health insurance quotes may be instant, but completing the process can take a little longer. Here's what to expect:

Usually your application information will need to be verified by the health insurance company. Past medical records, a physical exam and/or blood tests may be used to obtain information about your health status.

Once your application is completed and verified, the health insurance company makes a final decision on whether or not to offer you a health insurance policy.

Once they accept your application you will receive the final price. Health insurance quotes are only estimates of the actual policy price, so this final number will either be a readjustment or a reaffirmation of your original online health insurance quote.

Need more help choosing coverage? Read our guide to health plans or get a handle on the basics with the guide to medical insurance.

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