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Medigap Comparison: Compare Medicare Supplements

The chart on this page allows you to compare Medicare supplements at a glance. This chart will be easier to use if you already have an idea about which medigap insurance benefits you require. If you are unsure, you can click on any particular listing on the left-hand side of the chart for an explanation.

Keep in mind that some plans aren't available in all states, and many of the Medigap insurance benefits offer only partial coverage. (Prescription drug benefits for example, only cover half of your costs, and then only after a deductible is met).

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Medigap Benefit











Medicare A & B coinsurance

365 days extra hospital stay

3 pints blood

Part A deductible


Foreign travel emergency


Skilled nursing coinsurance


Medicare part B deductible


Medicare part B excess


At-home recovery


Preventative care


Prescription drug benefit


Explanation of Medigap insurance benefits

Medicare A & B coinsurance. This Medigap insurance benefit covers the coinsurance cost incurred during a hospital stay under Medicare A and the coinsurance or copayment on Medicare B services once the deductible is met.

365 days extra hospital stay. This Medigap insurance benefit covers the full cost of 365 extra days of hospital stay after all Medicare hospital benefits are exhausted.

3 pints of blood. This Medigap insurance benefit covers the cost of 3 pints of blood per year.

Part A deductible. This Medigap insurance benefit covers the deductible on Medigap Part A, which may vary from year to year. (It is $840 in 2003.)

Foreign travel emergency. This Medigap insurance benefit covers 80% of emergency care administered outside the country during the first 60 days of any trip. A $250 deductible and $50,000 lifetime maximum apply.

Skilled nursing coinsurance. This Medigap insurance benefit covers up to $105 per day towards the cost of a stay in a skilled nursing facility during days 21 through 100.

Medicare Part B deductible. This Medigap insurance benefit covers the annual deductible on Medicare Part B, which may vary year to year. (It is $100 in 2003.)

Medicare Part B excess. This Medigap insurance benefit helps cover the additional cost of services by doctors who don't accept "assignment" (that is, who don't accept Medicare's reimbursement as payment in full). Medigap G pays for 80% of the extra cost, and Medigap F, I, and J cover all the extra cost.

At-home recovery. This Medigap insurance benefit helps cover the additional cost of at-home care if you are already receiving Medicare-covered home health care services. A $40 per day and $1,600 per year limit both apply.

Preventative care. This Medigap insurance benefit provides for up to $120 worth of preventative care per year. (Covered services include check-ups, cholesterol screening, hearing tests, diabetes screening, and thyroid testing.)

Prescription drug benefit. This Medigap insurance benefit helps cover the cost of prescription drugs. Medigap H and I cover 50% of the cost up to $1,250 per year, and Medigap J covers 50% of the cost up to $3,000 per year. A $250 deductible applies under each plan.

Compare Medicare supplements online

Buying Medigap insurance is a very important process, and you want to weigh your options. But you also want to balance coverage with affordability.

When shopping around, evaluate your options before you buy, but stay flexible. Not all plans are available everywhere, and some Medicare supplements may simply make coverage too costly. (Medigap coverage for at-home recovery, for example, is very expensive.)

Try comparing Medicare supplements at NetQuote, a service that will put you in touch with local agents who can help you find the right coverage for you. Not only do they offer instant Medigap insurance quotes, but they offer a lot of information on coverage and benefits. You can check out which Medigap plans are offered in your area and get all your questions answered.

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