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Short Term Health Insurance

Whether you're between jobs or are waiting for a new policy to kick in, short term health insurance is the only way to maintain health coverage through the dry spells.

This page:

  Explains when you should consider short term health insurance

  Lists standard temporary health insurance coverage

  Helps you find short term health insurance fast

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The search for the best coverage at the lowest price starts with comparing as many plans as possible from providers in your area.

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Who needs short term health insurance?

Short term health insurance is designed to see a policyholder through a brief gap in standard health coverage. They're generally available for between one and twelve months (though many insurers limit coverage to six months), and they offer most of the same benefits that standard plans do, with a few key differences.

Because temporary health insurance policies are generally non-renewable (you have to re-apply to extend your coverage) they are appropriate only for people in between coverages, and should not be purchased in place of regular coverage.

But if you're between jobs, on strike, recently graduated, or simply waiting on a new health plan to take effect, short term health insurance can provide you and your family with some much-needed security.

The coverage involved with short term health insurance

The typical temporary health insurance policy covers most of the same services that permanent policies do, with some differences.

Because most short term health insurance policies are fee-for-service (indemnity) plans, preventative and routine care (like check-ups) won't be covered. Similarly, most short term health insurance policies won't cover dental or optical care. And most temporary health insurance is very strict about denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Services traditionally covered by short term health insurance include emergency care, prescription drugs, intensive care, lab and x-ray, ambulance, and some home and hospital care. (Specific policies will vary.)

Most temporary health insurance policies can be adapted to extend coverage to a spouse and dependents.

The cost of temporary health insurance

Temporary health insurance is, when compared with renewable policies, much more affordable for the average shopper. The monthly premium on a standard short term health insurance policy is almost always under $100, and may be as low as $25.

Much of this variation in the price of your monthly premium can be attributed to the relatively high deductible associated with the policy which can run as little as $250, and as high as $2,500. Most temporary health insurance policies also require co-insurance of 20-50%. (This is the percentage of costs you pay for most treatments.)

A good temporary health insurance policy will carry a fair maximum pay-out ($2 million is good), and a reasonable ceiling on your out-of-pockets expenses.

The fastest way to short term health insurance

The internet is an ideal market for a consumer product like short term health insurance. Pricing policies and options is a snap, and you can get competitive short term health insurance quotes in under a minute.

The application process is fast, too, and you can have your temporary health insurance coverage activated by as early as noon tomorrow!

You also benefit from the competitive nature of the online insurance industry. With information as free and easy to get ahold of as it is on the internet, you can be sure you're getting a fair shake.

Visit eHealthInsurance for fast online quotes

They're the internet's largest insurance marketplace, and their process couldn't be simpler.

When applying, always remember that policy premiums are not final until application process is fully completed, so be sure to include all your info for an accurate quote.

You, of course, are under no obligation to buy until you sign on the dotted line.

If eHealthInsurance does not offer any plans in your area, try NetQuote, a service that will put you in touch with local agents who can help you further.

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