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Student health insurance

Education is a large and immediate expense for many families and individuals. Understanding that, good health care coverage is just as essential for students as it is for anyone else...perhaps more so. We'll help you find reliable student health insurance at a good price.
(Graduate and international students too!)

This page:

  • Explains the basics of student health insurance plans

  • Explains the importance of health insurance for college students

  • Links to sources for competitive student health insurance quotes

Get a free student health insurance quote

Research quotes, and apply for coverage at eHealthInsurance. You can pick what coverage you want and set your limits and deductibles, before applying for more personalized rate info.

You can use their fast and free comparison service to get student health insurance quotes from major insurers in your state:

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Why student health insurance is so important

College students, particularly those over 18, may not be covered by their parents insurance policy once they leave home. If this is the case with your young scholar (or with you), then it's time to look into student health insurance.

Health insurance for college students is not an extravagance, young and healthy as they may (or may not) be. Active students have a high rate of injury, and viruses can sweep quickly through college campuses and dorms. Given how expensive college is before any unexpected medical bills, you don't want to take on the two expenses at the same time.

Happily, the cost of student health insurance can be very reasonable. A college student away from home without health insurance can easily spend more money on health care for a influenza outbreak (or other illness), or a broken leg than the cost of the student health insurance policy itself.

The cost of health insurance plans for college students

Parents looking for student health insurance usually have two options: an independent individual policy, or the standard college student health insurance package offered by the school. (Not all schools have these; most do.)

The school's student health insurance policy may be the less expensive option, but the terms of coverage may be more fixed. Independent individual health insurance for college students will probably offer more coverage options, but may cost more.

In either case, coverage is very reasonably priced, and it's not a bad idea to comparison shop. Don't just go with the first policy the school offers.

Getting student health insurance quotes

For a quick and easy online student health insurance quote, try eHealthInsurance, the largest health insurance marketplace on the web.

The application is simple and straightforward. By entering some basic information, such as gender, age, and residence you can see several student health insurance quotes in seconds.

Be sure to indicate student status to get the lowest-cost quotes. While you'll need to complete the application fully and submit it before quotes become final, there's no commitment to purchase coverage on your part. Good luck!

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