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Do You Qualify For A Subsidy?

Find out if you qualify for a government subsidy under Obamacare. Millions of Americans will have their insurance rates reduced under the new health care law. Learn how much you could save with our simple calculator.

Fast Free Quotes from Dozens of Health Insurance Providers

The easiest way to get health insurance quotes is from a reliable online service. eHealthInsurance is the web's biggest source of quotes from America's largest pool of multiple health insurance providers. eHealthInsurance is the place to go to compare multiple quotes and options.

This page:

  Lists the advantages using an online health insurance provider

  Describes the application process

  Links to the easy-to-use eHealthInsurance site

Compare health plans and get instant quotes:

The search for the best coverage at the lowest price starts with comparing as many plans as possible from providers in your area.

To choose among the hundreds of plans available to you, use our fast and free comparison service to get quotes from major insurers in your state:

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Do You Qualify For A Subsidy?

Find out if you qualify for a government subsidy under Obamacare. Millions of Americans will have their insurance rates reduced under the new health care law. Learn how much you could save with our simple calculator.

Why we recommend eHealthInsurance

#1. Large, affordable selection
eHealthInsurance offers a large selection of individual health insurance and group health insurance policies, from competing health insurance providers.

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And not only is the selection large, but eHealthInsurance assures the lowest possible price. Quotes on the same policies cannot be undersold by local agents or brokers.

#2. Ease of use
The online application takes roughly three minutes to fill out. For your three minutes's investment on time you will receive multiple quotes from several health insurance providers, generated instantly. You can then compare benefits, prices and policies side-by-side, apply for any specific policy, and quite often even enroll in the plan right then, all from the comfort of the chair you're in right now; all online.

#3. Great customer service
The extremely fast and effecient automated system utilized by eHealthInsurance doesn't mean they skimp on customer service.

Not only is the system very well esigned and maintained, they also have licensed insurance agents available by phone from 6am to 5pm to help provide unbiased, professional advice on your policy choices. eHealthInsurance also gives you the A.M. Best financial rating on all the health insurance providers they represent, allowing you to choose a policy with full confidence in the company providing the insurance policy to you.

#4. The lowest prices!
By comparing multiple quotes from insurers directly competing for your business, you can save hundreds (even thousands) of dollars per year on your premium, and often get better coverage than you could get for more money elsewhere.

Try them now for yourself, or your small group or your business.

Information you'll need in order to get health insurance quotes

eHealthInsurance provides health insurance for everyone from seniors to students, from individuals to groups and small business, with policies from many health insurance providers.

The application process for eHealthInsurance couldn't be easier. To get instant health insurance quotes for yourself, your family or your small business you're asked to provide some basic information like your:

  birth date,
  zip code,
  and tobacco use.

Once you supply this information, eHealthInsurance will provide you with health insurance quotes from multiple, competing health insurance providers instantly.

Sorting through the online health insurance quotes can be done manually or by refining your search to options or health insurance providers that interest you most. By changing some policy attributes like the deductible, out-of-pocket cap amount, or the type of health plan you want, you can help to narrow the selection of health insurance policies available to the choices you really want.

The application needs to be completed in full before eHealthInsurance can provide accurate health insurance quotes to you. Note that, because health insurance companies vary their quotes with economic trends, it's a good idea to apply quickly if you find a great policy with a good price, making sure, of course, that meets your needs.

(The application is in no way binding, meaning that, should you change your mind, there are no repercussions what so ever if you decide to say, "No, thank you." Feel absolutely free to shop for health insurance with no commitment.)

Try eHealthInsurance now.

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