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Low Cost Health Insurance from Local Agents

NetQuote works a little differently from other insurance websites by putting you in touch with independent agents who in turn provide you with low cost health insurance quotes. Because the individually affiliated agents devote special attention to each client, they are especially helpful for hard to insure individuals.

This page:

  • Lists the advantages of using NetQuote

  • Describes the company's application process.

  • Begins to explain how low cost health insurance works

Get Free Quotes From Local Agents

Fill out one form, and get as many as five or more quotes from local agents who can help you design an entire policy from the ground up.
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Individual and Family Health Insurance Quotes

Why we like NetQuote

#1 Personal Touch
NetQuote boasts a network of thousands of agents and health insurance companies in all 50 states. Their key function is finding insurers local to your area who must then compete for your business.

After you complete their online application, your profile will be matched up with the health insurance companies in your area.

The downside with this option is that quotes aren not provided instantaneously. The upside is that you won't sepnd time lookng at policies you don't qualify for or that aren't offered to you in your area, and you'll have an agent to give you personalized assisstance which, combined with the information you learn here, can be just the ticket for finding the policy that is right for you.

#2. Flexibility
NetQuote's quote-generating system means that health insurance companies have to be flexible with their policies.

Because so many health insurance companies are represented by NetQuote, you will be able to find quotes no matter where you live in The Unites States of America, or how difficult finding coverage has been before.

Get a quote

NetQuote serves everyone from seniors to students and sells both indivual and group health insurance policies.

The application process couldn't be easier. You'll be asked for basic information:

  your name
  birth date
  height and weight
  marital status
  tobacco and alcohol use
  health history
  and dependant information (if applicable).

Upon submission, you'll be matched with local insurance companies in your area.

Agents should be in contact within a few days to discuss your coverage needs and offer policy options.

The quote you receive is in no way a binding agreeement between you and the insurance company until you make your final purchase.

Get a quote from NetQuote now.

If you prefer to compare plans online, visit eHealthInsurance.

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