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Medical Insurance Basics
A in-depth look at the basics of medical insurance, with a look at how it works, what services it covers, and what costs are associated.

  Why we all need health insurance
  How health insurance works
  Medical services covered under most policies
  Medical costs determine the cost of coverage

Health Plans
A look at the major types of health insurance plans available in the United States. You'll probably recognize the familiar "HMO", but there are other plans out there that you may want to consider.

Fee for service plans
Also known as indemnity plans, these are the most expensive "full coverage" plans.

Managed care
Less expensive, though also more limited, types of health insurance.

- Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO plans)
- Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO plans)
- Point Of Service Plans (POS)
- Medical Savings Accounts (MSA plans)

Other forms of coverage
These are supplemental policies, meant to increase your coverage in areas where your normal insurance is lacking, or to cover you in the case of specific events.

  Individual dental insurance plans
  Discount dental plans
  Short term health insurance
  Individual health insurance
  Student health insurance
  Family health insurance
  Travel health insurance

Health Insurance Glossary A-H | I-Z

State-by-state guides to insurance regulations

Health insurance leads for agents

Sample individual health insurance lead

Sample group health insurance lead

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Health Insurance Quotes
This section explains how you can compare insurance companies and insurance plans online, and how to get in touch with agents in your area who can offer personal assistance in selecting a plan that's right for you.

Free online quotes from eHealthInsurance and their Health Insurance Providers.

Personalized help from local agents, through NetQuote and their affiliate health insurance companies.

How to Find Affordable Health Insurance
This section is intended to teach you how to evaluate health insurance plans, based on established plan essentials and insurance company ratings.

  How to evaluate health insurance companies
  10 Essential components of a good plan
  Health insurance policy exclusions

Group Health Insurance
Health insurance for members of certain groups and employees of small businesses is a little different from normal types of coverage.

Small Business Health Insurance Health insurance for self-employed individuals
State-by-state look at group insurance regulations

Health Insurance For Those Over 50:
Over 50 is not old - these days it's not even middle age - but if you or someone you care about is at this stage of life, you should start considering issues related to health insurance that will become important later.

  Medicare supplemental insurance
  Compare Medicare supplements
  Long term care insurance

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